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TCA, Inc.

We specialize in infrastructure development and maintenance in the wireless community.  This includes network design, permitting, funding, construction management, and maintenance.  

  • TCA is a telecommunication "general management" company with an emphasis towards digital landscaping of properties and their surrounding communities.

  • We develop and maintain all things related to your communication experience, whether you are a commercial business or a private land owner.

  • A rapidly developing aspect of our business pertains to installing, servicing, and replacing communication infrastructure, especially with the increasing rollout of 5G technology.

  • Our labor force spans across the United States and is veteran friendly.

  • TCA also services lower generation technologies (3G, 4G, LTE) to improve your existing communication and data experiences.

  • TCA is carrier neutral. Our company works with all carriers, making it easy as possible to improve your experience with minimal obstacles.

  • Deployments range from quick and straightforward work orders to more sophisticated permitting and zoning efforts depending on your needs.

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